Company name: Whale Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.


Paid Up Capital: Baht 1,000,000

President: Mr. Udom Samroungluk

Chairman: Mrs. Sanicha Samroungluk

Main Business Area:

1. Home and Office Decoration

Stainless Steel Structure

2. Stainless Steel Fabrications

3. Material Handling Equipments

4. Pressure Vessel

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5. Stainless Steel Furniture

6. etc.


1. Site Area 6,400 Sq.M.

2. Factory Area 1,200 Sq.M.

Number of Employee:

1. Technician, Skill worker and Worker: 60 Persons

2. Engineer: 2 persons

Working hours:

0800 – 1700 Thai time,

Monday to Saturday

Bank:Bangkok Bank


To be Leader in Stainless Steel

Structure Manufacturer

To Make the High End Products

Healthy People and Healthy


Non Pollution Firm


To serve plus, according to customer’s requirements.

We promised to concern the environment working situation.

To be delivery on time

Creativity and Innovation

To be efficient organization.

Mr. John Anderson